Journal Publications

Sarker, A., Northrup, N., and Jadbabaie, A.. (2024) "Higher-order homophily on simplicial complexes." Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. (link)

Sarker, A., Jadbabaie, A., and Shah, D. (2024). "Unifying epidemic models with mixtures." IEEE Transactions on Signal and Information Processing over Networks. (arXiv, link)

Jadbabaie, A.*, Sarker, A.*, and Shah, D.* (2023). "Implicit feedback policies for COVID-19: why 'zero-COVID' policies remain elusive." Nature Scientific Reports. (*= Equal Contribution) (arXiv, link)

Sarker, A., Fisher, P., Gaudio, J. E., and Annaswamy, A. M. (2023). "Accurate parameter estimation for safety-critical systems with unmodeled dynamics." Artificial Intelligence. (arXiv, link)

Cramer, E., Huang, Y., Ray, E., [et al., including Sarker, A. as a part of the US COVID-19 Forecast Hub Consortium] (2022) "The United States COVID-19 Forecast Hub dataset." Nature Scientific Data. (link)

Cramer, E., Ray, E., Lopez, V., [et al., including Sarker, A.] (2022) "Evaluation of individual and ensemble probabilistic forecasts of COVID-19 mortality in the United States." Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. (link)

Peer-Reviewed Conference/Workshop Publications

Sarker, A. and Park, P. (2024) "Co-Present Triads." International School and Conference on Network Science (NetSci-X).

Wu, X., Sarker, A., and Jadbabaie, A.. (2022) "Link Partitioning on Simplicial Complexes Using Higher-Order Laplacians." Proceedings of the 22nd IEEE International Conference on Data Mining. (arXiv)

Sarker, A., Northrup, N., and Jadbabaie, A.. (2022) "Generalizing Homophily to Simplicial Complexes." Proceedings of the 11th International Conference on Complex Networks and their Applications. (arXiv)

Sarker, A.,  Jadbabaie, A., and Shah, D.. "Mixtures Matter: Interpretable Forecasting for Epidemics." (2021)  Tenth International Conference on Learning Representations (ICLR) Workshop on AI for Public Health (link). Related work presented at the Paths from Research to Impact Workshop, MIT, April 2021. (link)

Working Papers

Sarker, A., Seby, J. B., Benson, A. R., and Jadbabaie, A. (2023). "Which Bridges Are Weak Ties? Algebraic Topological Insights on Network Structure and Tie Strength." Journal Article Under Review. (arXiv)

Malani, A., Soman, S., Asher, S., [et al., including Sarker, A.] (2020). "Adaptive control of COVID-19 outbreaks in India: Local, gradual, and trigger-based exit paths from lockdown" National Bureau of Economic Research. Working paper on hold. (link)

Additional Research


Two Burning Questions on COVID-19: Did shutting down the economy help? Can we (partially) reopen the economy without risking the second wave? (arXiv)

Joint work with Anish Agarwal, Abdullah Alomar, Devavrat Shah, Dennis Shen, and Cindy Yang


Master's Thesis - A Unified Framework for Quantile Elicitation with Applications (pdf)

Advised by Arpit Agarwal and Shivani Agarwal

Senior Design Project - GerryFair: Auditing and Learning for Subgroup Fairness (githubIBM AI Fairness 360)

Joint work with Adel Boyarsky, William Brown, and AJ Hallac. Advised by Seth Neel, Michael Kearns, and Aaron Roth